We are integrated

Our focus is to provide specialized holistic solutions to water, waste and energy challenges. This focus provides us with a unique team of people and resume of projects. We manage the problem from conceptual napkin notes through to turnkey facilities. From advisory management consulting, to field construction. From regulatory applications, to compliance auditing.

We know water

We provide total water management solutions. We are specialists in sourcing strategies and regulatory approvals, engineering and construction for conveyance and storage, process optimization and water treatment for recycle or re-use.

We solve waste

We solve complex waste challenges with specialized technical and business acumen. We deliver waste reduction strategies through to process optimization and treatment. We build and optimize waste facilities and landfills to help clients reduce costs and minimize risks.

We decode energy

We help companies use energy more efficiently, shrink their greenhouse gas and carbon footprints, and provide optimal ways for them to generate new energy through the application of proven technology.