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Our consultants, engineers, scientists and regulatory experts work with you to find the best ways to reduce risks, cut costs and capitalize on new opportunities. We’re with you every step of the way, from strategy to execution.


We help oil and gas companies efficiently manage water and waste to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Our specialists take an innovative approach to finding water and applying to regulatory agencies for permission to use it.

We also design, build and manage water infrastructure such as intakes and wells, analyze flowback or produced water and develop the best options for recycling or disposal. Our multidisciplinary experts work as an integrated


Our team provides midstream companies with strategic advisory services, integrated engineering, and environmental and regulatory services for project development, execution and operational optimization.

Our areas of expertise include:
• Gas plant process optimization for waste reduction
• Environmental and regulatory application and approvals
• Environmental
strategy and planning
• Pipeline stream crossings and monitoring


Our downstream specialists help companies overcome the challenges involved in planning, designing and operating high-performing and cost-effective energy infrastructure.

Our Integrated Data Management System (IDMS) makes managing air, soil, groundwater, vegetation and wildlife data simpler and more efficient. By combining your company’s operations knowledge with our innovative industry best practices, we can help you achieve facility optimizations with holistic solutions that enhance the bottom line.


We have deep expertise in planning, designing and building river intakes and brine ponds for the development of salt cavern storage.

We also help companies develop business cases for disposal options. Our process engineers can work with you to find optimization opportunities that minimize waste, reduce operating costs and support your corporate objectives. Our technical specialists and business advisory team add value by working together to keep your project on track while also staying focused on the economics.