Integrated Data Management & Hydrocarbon Plume Delineation


Compilation and standardization of multiple datasets using GIS toolset


Spatial data management for the oil and gas industry


Alberta, Canada



Groups Involved

Data Integration, Geosciences & Water Resources, Environment and Regulatory

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was contracted as an independent third-party to provide data consolidation and an online data management system for a multi-stakeholder hydrocarbon spill response. Integrated Sustainability was tasked with providing a standardized database, a user-friendly web browser interface to display the data and hydrogeological interpretation to delineate the plume extents.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability successfully developed an integrated data management system (IDMS), incorporating historical and real-time data from multiple datasets. The IDMS was used to develop a conceptual site model (CSM) and assess the plume depth and extents over multiple lease sites. The resulting web interface and CSM provided all stakeholders with a holistic overview of the site. The IDMS and web interface has since been used as a collaborative tool between multiple parties to aid in remedial system decision making.