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We take a comprehensive and integrated approach to environmental assessment and regulatory compliance. Our team has a proven track record and works proactively with regulators to help your project move through the process efficiently and successfully.

Environmental Management

We provide strategic advice and effective programs to support your environmental planning and management activities. Members of our team are experienced and have previously worked for environmental service companies, national and international oil and gas companies, and regulators.

When a project begins, we have the latest information on current regulations and draw on our diverse backgrounds to develop and implement environmental programs and strategies. Some of our areas of expertise include:

• Environmental strategy (e.g., environmental constraints, technology selection, risk and opportunity identification)
• Construction support, along with environmental monitoring and mitigation recommendations for soils, vegetation, wildlife and fisheries
• Environmental management and monitoring programs for groundwater, surface water, wildlife, air, noise, vegetation and soils
• Asset integrity programs
• Environmental liability assessment
• Environmental compliance management
• Site remediation and reclamation

We can provide environmental management services as a subcontractor or through secondments.

Environmental Assessment

We offer a full range of services to our clients in oil and gas, mining and municipal government. Our agrologists, biologists, geoscientists, hydrologists and hydrogeologists have experience in all phases of environmental project development for both brownfield and greenfield sites across Western Canada. During the design phase, our specialists provide insight and field assessments.

Some of our areas of expertise include:
• Site selection
• Environmental Field Reports (EFR)
• Environmental site assessments (Phase I and II)
• Soil management and classification
• Vegetation assessments
• Detailed site assessments (cultivated, forested and natural grassland)
• Wetland assessment (QWAES/QWSP) and classification
• Groundwater assessments
• Fish and fish habitat assessments (QAES)
• Air dispersion modelling, emissions management and air monitoring programs
• Noise monitoring and assessment
• Pre-disturbance Assessments and Conservation and Reclamation Plans (PDA and C&R)

Permit Services

Our environmental and regulatory teams prepare comprehensive applications for a variety of projects, from the conceptual phase through to closure and monitoring.

We can develop and execute project application strategies that take into account your main objectives, along with the regulatory, environmental and social landscape.

Some of our specialized services include:
• Determining the authorizations required for a compliant project
• Developing and submitting regulatory applications
• Supporting stakeholder consultation
• Acting as liaisons with regulators

We have experience working with federal and provincial legislation that covers all phases of development, from site access, early construction and drilling activity, to building and equipment installation. Here are some examples of the types of legislation and requirements we work with:
• Navigation Protection Act
• The Fisheries Act
• Species at Risk
• Alberta Directives (e.g., D23, 50, 56, 55, 65, 61, 78)
• Water Legislation (e.g., Water Act, Water Sustainability Act)
• Municipal acts and bylaws
• Safety codes
• Wildlife acts and requirements
• Public land access requirements
• Well, pipeline and facility licensing

Regulatory Services

Members of our regulatory team have previously worked for regulators, or have had regulatory roles with oil companies and service companies. This diverse background provides the team with a strong understanding of both the needs of clients and the requirements of regulators. We continuously work to establish and maintain our professional relationships with regulators, so we can provide the best advice and support to our clients.

Some of our specialized services include:
• Regulation interpretation and dialogue with regulators
• Regulatory strategy and advice on risk mitigation
• Client secondments and representation on regulatory interests during heavy work phases
• Development of regulatory roadmaps that clarify regulations, requirements, schedules and interaction with project development

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