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Our facilities engineering team helps clients in the oil and gas industry better manage and treat their water resources. We evaluate water treatment technologies and determine the best areas for process optimization. We perform preliminary and detailed engineering design, including process and chemical modelling. We also look at firewater storage and the infrastructure, equipment and treatment required for downstream oil and gas facilities.

Water Treatment Facilities

We provide water treatment solutions for industries and municipalities.
For industrial projects, we develop treatment facilities for produced water from oil and gas, pulp and paper and mining. We also provide potable water and septic waste treatment solutions for municipalities and private water treatment systems, including industrial-sized systems.

Firewater Systems

We can help you determine the size of firewater system you need and evaluate the type of treatment that is required if the source water does not meet industry standards. We also design, procure and manage the fabrication of firewater systems and storage tanks.

Wastewater and Waste facilities

Our team can find the right solution for your project, no matter what kind of waste challenge you need to solve. We work with you to identify the ideal option for water treatment, investigate opportunities for water reuse and perform chemical modelling to determine the best method of disposal.

Process Optimization

Our specialists analyze processes using a variety of tools, including detailed process modelling (VMG Sim or equivalent) and chemical modelling (OLI). We also evaluate and optimize the water train by looking at the upstream and downstream effects of removing, replacing or upgrading technology and equipment, or recycling or reusing the water.

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