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We’re more than just management consultants. We draw from a large pool of over 100 strategic and technical specialists to provide expert advice on how to enhance your existing asset portfolio, effectively manage your operations and evaluate new business opportunities.


Energy Transition

Our team can help you navigate the challenging and complex regulatory landscape related to climate change and carbon policy. We work with you on all aspects of compliance, including managing exposure to carbon taxes, developing climate change strategies and identifying regulatory opportunities that can help you benefit from new carbon policies. Some of the services we offer include:
• Regulatory and carbon policy analysis
• Greenhouse gas (GHG) strategy development
• Carbon mitigation and adaptation plans
• Needs assessment and business planning

We build resilient plans for GHG and methane reduction (flaring, venting and fugitive gases) that bridge the gap between corporate sustainability objectives and operational execution. We develop and implement GHG management plans that include:
• Evaluating new technologies (renewable and clean-tech)
• Identifying optimization opportunities
• Providing measurement, verification, compliance, and data management assessments and services

Strategy and Execution

Our team of associates and technical specialists work collaboratively with you to see the big picture, using input from every angle: financial, technical, environmental, social, regulatory, risk and operational. This far-reaching insight helps us understand the evolving pressures placed on your business and evaluate risks by estimating costs and impacts.

Armed with this knowledge and our extensive industry insights, we partner with you to set strategic goals and develop a realistic plan to mitigate high-priority risks in a variety of areas:
• Carbon and energy efficiency
• Water
• Waste
• Environment

We challenge the status quo and bring innovative and disruptive technologies and approaches to the market that help our clients make more efficient and informed decisions

Data Analytics and Visualization

We use a simple but sophisticated approach to help our clients deal with big data and their most pressing data challenges. Our team can help you manage large sets of data, provide data quality assurance, conduct meaningful analysis, and visually represent useful information to inform decisions and streamline processes.

Using data analytics and proprietary algorithms, our clients can efficiently track large volumes of data and manage compliance. Our data management and geospatial experts can also identify ways to develop and upgrade systems to offset long-term human resource costs.

We offer proprietary, customized systems, such as our Inventory Management System and Integrated Data Management System (IDMS).

Some examples of system solutions that we offer include:
• Water tracker
• Water inventory management systems
• Water availability
• Waste tracker
• Asset monitoring
• Siting tool

Market Analysis and Business Transformation

Our strategic team can help you grow your business, whether you want to evaluate the business case of a high-value parallel business line or explore new growth prospects and market entry strategies. We have helped a wide range of businesses, from petrochemical operators to mid-stream oil and gas companies, define and optimize growth opportunities in various markets.

We work hand-in-hand with executive teams to provide the information they need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity along with the methodology needed for execution.

We develop robust business case models using comprehensive data from a variety of analytical sources, including:
• Economic
• Engineering
• Geospatial
• Regulatory

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