Corporate Character & Capabilities

We are a specialty team that promotes a can-do attitude. We are motivated to find the best solution for the efficient management of water, waste, and energy. Our team members love what they do and are determined to make a difference.

We have full discipline engineering, procurement, and fabrication services to complement our field construction management and operations teams.
Our advisory business includes water chemistry, water resources, geomatics, climate change, environmental, and regulatory services.

We Deliver & Own Infrastructure

We provide full design-build project execution services and are comfortable taking accountability for the design and construction risk in turnkey projects under a fixed-cost or own-operate structure. Our goal is to provide enhanced accountability through experience that reduces project risk.

We are innovators. If you have a water or waste problem that demands strong technical and commercial experience or multi-industry interactions, we are prepared to work to help evaluate options to determine the appropriate technical, commercial, and seamless execution approach.

Our Projects Result in ESG Benefits

We integrate sustainability principles that bring real environmental benefits including lower emissions, less freshwater use, and reduced waste generation. We have a history of innovation that has brought about change to industry norms.

Our passion for improved water reuse drives us to work with industry to provide thought leadership on multi-industry collaboration, operational best practices, and technology innovation. We have a portfolio of progressive sustainability focused projects that have been developed by our team.

We Enable Technology

We seek to bring creative technology to our customers. We select and incorporate equipment based on technical fit, environmental performance, and value to our customer. We do not represent any specific technology; we empower technology providers to enhance and enable technology. This brings greater creativity in design that is progressive, enhancing efficiency and performance.

We are excited to drive water efficiency, waste reduction, and technologies that benefit climate change and the energy transition.