We understand the water, waste and energy challenges inherent in growing and making food. We can help you develop processes in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our specialists provide practical and sustainable solutions for water, waste and energy management, environmental planning and construction to meet your organization’s environmental and long-term sustainability goals.

Aquaculture, Hydroponics and Aquaponics

Turn-key and integrated solutions for your fish and food production system.

Integrated Sustainability can design turn-key solutions or consult with you to optimize and expand existing facilities. We offer strong capabilities in water treatment, energy cost reduction, fish biology, upscaling existing operations, and process optimization. To supply optimal design and construction support, we have provided clients with purpose built turn-key options, including:

• Re-circulating aquaculture and hydroponics systems
• Aquaponics system design improvements (additional revenue streams)
• Wastewater treatment
• Reservoirs and ponds: high efficiency, modular designs
• Groundwater wells (water security)
• Solar power (energy cost reduction)
• Land development (design and survey, to construction)

Beverage Industry

The need for more effective water management in the food and beverage industry has never been greater. By utilizing an innovative water management program, you can significantly lower water costs and reduce groundwater depletion and contamination. Our specialized team has extensive experience offering solutions to clients that improve:

• Water Quality: water treatment design, implementation, and construction, water and chemical monitoring, pH management
• Water Reduction: infrastructure, process/behaviour and process optimization
• Water Metering and Reporting: telemetry and metering infrastructure, data management, data mining
• Wastewater Management: cleansing and remediation, recycling and reuse, membrane solutions
• Alternative Energy Use: biofuel, solar, heat capture
• Regulatory compliance: permit management, risk avoidance, operational and capital expenditure reduction

Food Industry

The food industry is increasingly coming under scrutiny for water and energy use. Complex challenges to meet new expectations are multiplying. Integrated Sustainability offers solutions that focus on sustainability and cost reduction, such as:

• Water, Wastewater and Energy Management
• Surface Water Management
• Building Design and Land Development
• Food-Water-Energy Nexus: Waste into energy
• Energy Audits
• Environmental and Groundwater Monitoring


Integrated Sustainability can help optimize agricultural operations with the latest information and technologies available, always keeping economics in mind. Our team of multidisciplinary specialists provide turn-key solutions that include:

• Water Sourcing
• Surface Water Management
• Regulatory Support
• Land Surveying
• Water Storage
• Renewable Energy