Our team understands the full scope of water, waste and energy management in the forestry industry, from the forest to the production line. We can help you address critical risks and develop and maintain infrastructure in an economical and sustainable manner.

Lumber and Fibre

Our project execution specialists design, develop, and provide construction management for site preparation, site improvements and deep utilities. As part of our turn-key services, we also offer source water protection evaluations, overland drainage studies, environmental site assessments (Phases I, II, and III) and integrated data management.

Pulp and Paper

Our approach to providing solutions to the pulp and paper sector is to work with our clients to find efficient and environmentally responsible methods to treat and dispose of water and waste. Our team provides packaged raw water and wastewater treatment facilities, water intakes, outfalls, and demineralization systems.

We also offer operations, training, and partnership opportunities to support the growth and development of our clients' assets.

Landfill and Waste Management

Our team develops, designs and constructs state-of-the-art landfills, waste management facilities, and oil field waste management facilities that minimize our clients’ environmental risk.

We develop and upgrade landfill facilities. Our strong track record of constructed, lined containment facilities demonstrates our commitment to efficient and effective execution that helps to minimize the risk of construction.