We understand mining project delivery and can help you develop mineral resources in a safe, cost-effective and efficient manner. Our team integrates mine water management and treatment delivery to optimize water use and infrastructure cost throughout a mine’s operating life.

We offer turn-key and build-own-operate mine water treatment plants and integrate development and construction of mine water management infrastructure.

Feasibility, Water Balance and Infrastructure Planning

We understand mine water management challenges from exploration to closure and the discontinuous flow of information that comes from a fragmented portfolio of technical service providers. We connect the dots and integrate the appropriate technical disciplines required to develop the optimal water management infrastructure approach.

Whether your challenge is water security, water management planning, regulatory approvals, or water balance and infrastructure development. We understand the mining industry and the critical role water plays in the development of your assets.

Contact, Process and Camp Water Treatment

We provide a unique approach to the design and development of treatment packages that can meet all your process, discharge and camp water requirements. Our integrated approach brings together industry leading water chemists that design tailored water treatment solutions. We believe in packaging the right technologies to improve capital and operational efficiencies.

As project developers, we implement full treatment systems as a design-build or build-own-operate treatment package.

Tailings and Waste Management

We understand that effective tailings, waste and mine rock management is a critical part of minimizing long-term environmental risks.

Our team can work with you to develop unique tailings treatment options and infrastructure to provide more effective alternatives to traditional tailings impoundments.

We develop sequestration infrastructure that is optimized for site-specific environmental and physical settings. We offer site selection, design and construction services, and support the operation and closure of tailings and waste management infrastructure.

Technology and Advisory Services

Our specialists provide advisory services for energy management, technology selection, sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement, and environmental and regulatory services.

We assist clients in managing their risk, regulatory support, operational optimization and training, and environmental strategy and planning.

We understand the challenges that come with mining in remote locations and can work with you to enhance energy security and find cost effective sources of power for your project.