Our team works with you to find the best ways to reduce risks, cut costs and capitalize on new project development opportunities. We’re with you every step of the way, from water infrastructure planning and execution, process optimization, through to operations and training.


We are industrial water infrastructure specialists. Our experience extends from water intakes, to fresh and produced water storage reservoirs, produced water reuse packages, and extensive water conveyance systems.

We offer design-build and build-own-operate solutions that enable our clients to reduce risk and realize the lowest cost of water handling per barrel.

As a trusted advisor, our close work with various regulators across Alberta and British Columbia allow us to provide an optimal approach for water asset development.

How do you track your water?

We have developed an industry leading telemetry system, which reduces costs and improves data management to better understand how and where you're using your water.


Have a gas plant that accepts produced water through a multi-phase line?

We have developed off-the-shelf produced water treatment systems that are designed specifically for gas plants that receive multi-phase product. These off-the-shelf designs can be implemented on a design-build or build-own-operate basis.

We also provide turn-key options for our clients, to optimize gas plant processes and design waste reduction strategies to meet both internal and external goals or objectives.

Regional Infrastructure Development

We work with our clients to develop regional and multi-user water infrastructure in key oil and gas plays.

These solutions are designed to utilize existing and purpose built infrastructure for conveyance and water treatment, to reduce industrial footprints and the cost of water handling.

Regional and multi-user water infrastructure can significantly reduce costs associated with water handling, providing improved regional water security and reliability.