We work with clients to use energy more efficiently, and provide optimization solutions for them to generate new energy through technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal and heat capture.

Thermal Energy

The role of thermal power generation is shifting like never before. It once provided baseload electricity for many markets, but now, with the integration of renewables, thermal power is often used to steady a grid. It’s the stable backbone.

Trends in the market are driving thermal power generation to be more cost-effective. Generating companies want to make the most of their assets and do so in a way that's environmentally and socially responsible. Evolving governmental regulations are having a positive impact on how we design and construct projects. Our commitment to cleaner and more affordable thermal power pushes us to challenge the status quo—the conventional ways thermal power generating plants used to be designed, built, and operated.

Today, modern thermal power stations must be agile—able to perform beyond intended design, and flexible to the demands of the changing market. So that's what successful energy projects must now deliver: the right technology, together with the best fuel source and a design that meets current energy, economic, environmental, and social objectives.