We offer turn-key water infrastructure, from initial planning and design through the procurement and tendering process, to supervision of final construction, and operation of the facility. We have lead and delivered a variety of water and wastewater infrastructure projects for municipal, provincial, federal and international governments. Our geographical reach brings opportunity for collaborative partnerships to foster creative solutions for our clients.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

We design, build, and offer operational services for the installation of water and wastewater treatment facilities. We have strong supplier relationships so that we are able to obtain the best quality products at the best possible price.

Our construction managers are familiar with all aspects of water infrastructure and integrate sound decision making, across various technical boundaries.

Solid Waste Management

Our comprehensive solids handling services include landfill development and cover all project phases, from initial site selection and project permitting, geotechnical and site design, construction management, and operations.

We also provide review services for existing landfill operations and develop optimization strategies for cell configuration, future expansion, leachate collection and treatment, storm water management, groundwater monitoring and closures.

Land Development

Whether you need a residential, commercial or industrial land development solution, we will work with your team to develop the best strategy to then provide turn-key solutions to take the project through the design and build phase, while providing operational support. Our advisory services team are experienced in looking at total lifecycle costs associated with development, including transportation and access to markets, energy requirements, access to feedstock, and water access.

Our team are specialists in water and wastewater infrastructure, pipelines, pumping stations, and treatment facilities.

Environmental and Regulatory

Our technology and advisory services experts understand today’s complex and ever-changing regulatory environment process and work with our public sector clients to secure approvals and achieve regulatory compliance. We develop comprehensive permit applications, conduct environmental assessments, and provide strategic advice on regulatory issues.

Our approach is to integrate environment and regulatory services into the cornerstone of every project, to enable a clear focus on sustainability and to minimize risk for our customers.