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CO₂ to Synthetic Fuels Simulation

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CO₂ to Synthetic Fuels Simulation

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Process Simulation for Carbon Dioxide Conversion to Synthetic Fuels via Various Process Pathways

The Challenge

A client with the capability to capture CO₂ is considering synthetic fuel production from CO₂ and water. The client wanted to analyze the energy and mass balance for five different process pathways to determine the most economic and feasible method for fuel synthesis fro CO₂ for a commercial scale synthetic fuels plant.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability utilized process modelling software to model different methods for conversions of CO₂ to synthetic fuel. The simulated processed included:

  • Fischer Tropsch Process for Diesel Production from Syngas
  • CO₂ to Methanol
  • CO₂ to Syngas
  • Methanol to Gasoline
  • Methane Steam Reforming

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