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Design and Implementation of an Integrated Blue Economy Policy Framework and Strategic Action Plan for Barbados

Have Questions? Let's Discuss​ Design and Implementation of an Integrated Blue Economy Policy Framework and Strategic Action Plan for Barbados

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) -Strategic Roadmap of the Blue Economy of Barbados

Project Execution

  • Integrated Sustainability was retained by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to implement an integrated Blue Economy policy framework and strategic action plan.
  • Integrated Sustainability’s team consists of local Caribbean partners, including locally in Barbados, and our international specialists. By integrating the views of our experts from throughout the Caribbean and Internationally, we capture the best practices from around the world while keeping the concepts grounded and practical to the Caribbean, specifically Barbados.
  • This project includes data gathering and performing a gap analysis, preparation of a data collection protocol and a management mechanism to allow a better understanding of the existing conditions affecting the Blue Economy in Barbados.
  • The result of these efforts is a vision, policy, regulatory/institutional framework, as well as a strategic roadmap that includes short term (5-year) and long term (20-year) action plans, with a holistic and integrative approach to Barbados’ Blue Economy for the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy.
  • Several workshops were delivered remotely using a teleconference software due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
ESG Project Benefits:
  • This project has the potential for major economic stimulus in the following sectors: Energy; Agriculture and Fisheries; Coastal Zone Management; Transport; Waste and Wastewater; and Water Resource Management.
  • Recommendations within our reports will integrate climate change issues impacting the Blue Economy and consider the other components that are being undertaken.
  • The fishing industry is one of the most important food sources for the Caribbean. A key focus of this project includes implementing and training the public in sustainable fishing standards, ensuring an abundance of food and employment opportunities for future generations.

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