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Disposal Water Solids Mitigation

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Disposal Water Solids Mitigation

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Investigate unexpected solids in liquid waste streams and propose solutions.

The Challenge

Investigate solutions to mitigate unexpected solids in the blowdown and regen streams upstream of the disposal wells at a SAGD facility. The investigation required lab analyses of the filter solids, a process study of each facility and chemical modelling to determine the root causes behind solid formation.

Analyze historical data to propose alternative solutions to the existing temporary filter skids at the disposal sites.

The Result

Potential root causes for the solids build-up were offered and nine options for mitigation were proposed with accompanying preliminary engineering design.

Each option proposed was evaluated for the corresponding capital expenditure and operational expenditure savings.

The project has been expanded to refine the estimates for two of the mitigation options to support budgetary approval to move forward with implementation.

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