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Fracking Fluid Reuse Analysis

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Fracking Fluid Reuse Analysis

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Compatibility analysis to assess feasibility of reusing their flowback for future completions

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was tasked with preparing a sampling plan and conducting a compatibility analysis to assess feasibility of reusing hydraulic fracturing flowback for future completions. The objectives included supporting the client in developing improved sampling and analysis to better understand the flowback and produced water chemistry, complete water modelling for the blending of flowback with freshwater to identify scaling and other issues that might occur with mixing, and to help the client better manage their water chemistry and improve their in-house understanding to support strategic planning of future operations.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability found that the flowback water is suitable for reuse when flowback to freshwater ratios were maintained at a recommended level. Treatment for reuse included hydrocarbon removal prior to open storage and reuse, chemical treatment of borrow pit water for iron reduction, biocide addition and freshwater blending for produced water, solids, filtration, and recommended operational procedures for sludge and solids handling.

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