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Monitoring Well Installation & Groundwater Monitoring

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Monitoring Well Installation & Groundwater Monitoring

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Design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells and ongoing groundwater monitoring at 21 produced water ponds

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability’s client requires groundwater (GW) monitoring for 21 produced water storage ponds throughout its NE BC Asset. GW monitoring wells are required to establish groundwater quality conditions in the vicinity of the ponds and identify (in a timely manner) unacceptable trends or deviations from baseline conditions.

The Result

In addition to designing and installing over 100 GW monitoring wells, and conducting a quarterly monitoring program, Integrated Sustainability exceeded our customers expectations by developing a high-level risk profile for each pond . Each pond was given a score and subsequently ranked as to which requires more operational attention based on potential source of contamination, the existence of subsurface pathways for contaminant movement, and proximity to down-gradient receptors.

Additionally, Integrated Sustainability will be issuing a recommendation to move to semi-annual monitoring based on slow GW velocity, and is helping our client apply to the OGC to achieve this.

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