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Produced Water Reservoir Liner Repair

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Produced Water Reservoir Liner Repair

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Geo-synthetic liner inspection and breach identification, engineering design for repair, andcontractor supervision and QA/QC during repair construction of two reservoirs.

The Challenge

Two existing reservoirs of produced water storage ponds were identified by the client as leaking. The reservoirs were built to provide storage of produced water for hydraulic fracturing operations in the surrounding area within the Montney Shale formations. The client was looking to determine the cause of the leaks, and to complete repairs with minimal down time.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability provided inspection services to locate failure areas, detailed engineering design and quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) and construction supervision of the repair of the existing leak detection riser system. and primary liner After completing the scope of work, the reservoir was returned to service and it was confirmed that the repairs were successful.

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