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SAGD Water Security Assessment & Planning

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Water Risk Assessment to Ensure Long-Term Water Security

The Challenge

The client requested that Integrated Sustainability conduct a water risk assessment that included the evaluation of source water, water use, and associated water-related risks in relation to its operations and anticipated developments.

The goals of this project were to:

  • Evaluate available source(s) of water to support current and future operations.
  • Identify suitable water disposal intervals or options to guard against un-necessary business interruption, where applicable.
  • Ensure long-term viability and reliability of water supply sources and waste disposal zones.
  • Assess water re-use/recycling, water storage, and transmission to optimize levels of infrastructure centralization and effectively utilize hub and grid opportunities.
  • Maximize the net benefit of recycling and re-use opportunities
  • Identify potential collaboration opportunities.
  • Create best practices for water sourcing in a manner that acknowledges other water-reliant activities in the area of influence while being protective of environmental flows, aquatics and fisheries, and other dependent ecosystems.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability Consultants conducted a Water Security Assessment for a SAGD operator, including risk & opportunity identification, approximate costs, and rough timelines.  The Water Security Assessment identified:

  • Available source(s) of water to support current and future project phases;
  • Suitable water disposal options to guard against business interruption;
  • Long-term viability and reliability of water sources and disposal zones;
  • Water sourcing and disposal operations that acknowledge other activities in the area of influence, while being protective of the environment;
  • Prevailing or developing water management policies and frameworks for the oil sands region that could affect project success; and
  • Alignment between provincial and corporate goals regarding sustainability and footprint reduction.

ESG Project Benefits:

  • Sustainable water management strategy

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