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Site Soils Assessments

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Intrusive soils investigation for an abandoned well site

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was retained by the client to conduct a Soils Assessment for an abandoned natural gas well site. A Soils Assessment Program was required to determine if there are any areas of environmental concern on the site and to support the application of a British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Certificate of  Restoration (COR) for the site.

The Result

Integrated Sustainability developed and executed the following scope of work:

  • A desktop characterization of the overburden materials, local geological conditions, and hydrogeology of the region.
  • Identification of areas of potential environmental concern (APECs) ad potential contaminants of concern (PCOCs).
  • An intrusive investigation to characterize the types, concentrations, an locations of any PCOCs that may be present.
  • Preparation of a report summarizing the findings.

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