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Slope Failure Field Assessment, Design and Remediation

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Slope Failure Field Assessment, Design and Remediation

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Slope failure root cause analysis and remediation strategy development, design andconstruction observation

The Challenge

Provide a cost effective slope remediation for the cut slope adjacent to an existing produced water pond and buried pipeline located at the crest of the slope. Based on the site configuration, the area had limited access which had to be considered during design. Previous remediation measures failed to address groundwater control, leading to shallow failures and pooled water along the pond crest, and potentially pond slope instability and liner damage.

The Result

Provided multiple design options to evaluate with the client. Design options allowed for drainage throughout the slope to control high groundwater and stabilize loose, soft soils on the slope. After technical and cost evaluation of the options, a design was selected and progressed to construction drawings. Onsite support and quality assurance and control was provided on a part time basis throughout construction.

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