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Source Feasibility Assessment and Water Act Licence Application

Have Questions? Let's Discuss​ Source Feasibility Assessment and Water Act Licence Application

Feasibility evaluation of various surface water options for source water and preparation of a Water Act application for the selected option.

The Challenge

The client had historically obtained freshwater through temporary diversion licences (TDLs) from borrow pits, and flowing surface water sources.
Due to increased scrutiny on water use and management, as well the uncertainty of a secure water source through TDLs, there was significant interest in gaining certainty and priority to water supply through term licences.

The Result

The client asked Integrated Sustainability to evaluate the feasibility of surface water options for source water in the two asset areas in order to support decisions about where to put water intake infrastructure.
The second phase of the project is the preparation by Integrated Sustainability of an application for a term licence under the Water Act for diversion from the most appropriate source.

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