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Water Hub & Intake Pipe

Geotechnical Investigation and Design of Water Hub and Intake Pipeline

The Challenge

Integrated Sustainability was retained to execute the design phase of the client’s Water Hub and Intake Pipeline infrastructure project.

The Water Hub and associated infrastructure was required to store and distribute 300,000 m³ of water between two storage ponds, while the Intake Pipeline utilized a pumping system to transport the water over 5.5 km from the source to the Water Hub.

The Result

The key results of this project were as follows:

  • Provided geotechnical information to justify the site selection
  • Conducted a geotechnical investigation used in the detailed design
  • Provided a Water Intake design that would allow year-round water withdrawal, with minimal impacts to the environment, as per a key project driver
  • Pipeline sizing for transferring water from the Intake to the Water Hub storage facility
  • Pump selection for transferring water from the Intake to the Water Hub storage facility
  • Pump sizing for distributing water from the Water Hub through the existing trunk line
  • Water hub design layout required for detailed design

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