Regulatory Bulletin

The Regulatory Bulletin highlights the regulatory changes and updates that the Integrated Sustainability team have been tracking over the past month. Regulatory agencies covered include the Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Environment and Parks, the BC Oil and Gas Commission, the National Energy Board, and the Canadian Federal Government.

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    - Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation Fined $900,000 for Leaking Effluent into British Columbia Lake

    British Columbia

    - British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Developing Comprehensive Liability Management Plan

    - B.C. Hydraulic Fracturing Review Underway


    - Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Suspends Oil and Gas Firm’s Licences After Unanswered Call to Emergency Hotline

    - AER Inspections of Aboveground Synthetically-Lined Wall Storage Systems (AWSS)

    - 2018/19 Orphan Fund Levy

  • March-2018


    - British Columbia (B.C.) Federal Court Appeal on Kinder Morgan Pipeline Quashed

    - Alberta Government Suspends Caribou Protection Plan

    British Columbia

    - B.C. Environment Minister Unveils Oil Spill Response Paper

    - B.C. Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Updates


    - Whirling Disease Update – North Saskatchewan River Watershed

    - Alberta Energy Regulator – Tour Reports & Notifications Moving to OneStop


    - Husky Energy Faces Multiple Charges for 2016 Oil Spill

  • February-2018


    - Trudeau Promises New Legal Framework for Indigenous People

    - Proposed Changes to Federal Reviews of Energy Projects

    - British Columbia and Alberta Trade Dispute Over Oil Pipelines

    - Emergency Assessment Concludes that British Columbia’s Interior Steelhead Trout at Risk of Extinction

    British Columbia

    - Changes to Inspections and Deficiencies Data in KERMIT


    - Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Able to Approve Water Act Term Licence Applications

    - Area-Based Regulation Pilot Lessons Learned

    - Updated AER Water Use Report Shows Companies are Using Less

  • January-2018


    - Energy Company Using Above-Ground Storage Tanks Fined for Harming Migratory Birds

    British Columbia

    - BC Government Proposes to Restrict Bitumen Shipments within BC

    - Suspension of Water Diversion (Peace River) Ended

    - Changes to Emergency Response Plan Requirements


    - Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Releases 2017 Thermal In-situ Water Use Report

    - AER Water Act Approval Applications Transition to OneStop Platform

    - Contaminated Sites Review Checklist for Risk Management Plans

    - Update to Draft Directive for Water Licensing of Hydraulic Fracturing Projects

  • December-2017


    - Order Amending Schedule 1 of the Species at Risk Act

    British Columbia

    - BC Government Will Complete Construction of the Site C Hydroelectric Dam


    - Funding Announced for Industry Climate Change Initiatives

    - Updates to Directive 067

    - Release of the Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring and Venting Report, 2016


    - Saskatchewan Government Releases Climate Change Strategy

  • November-2017


    - Updates on the Consultation Process in Canada

    - Caribou Recovery Strategy

    British Columbia

    - Call for Full Public Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing

    - BC OGC Ends Water Withdrawal Suspensions in Some River Basins


    - Alberta Energy Regulator’s Supreme Court Appeal

    - Methane Guidelines Delay


    - Saskatchewan to Drill Most Oil and Gas Wells in 2017, says Petroleum Services Association of Canada

  • October-2017


    - New Clean Fuel Standard in Development, as Ottawa Looks into Low-Carbon Fuels

    British Columbia

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission Releases 2016/17 Liability Management Rating Summary

    - Kinder Morgan Canada Ordered to Stop Work on Pipeline Portion of its Trans Mountain Expansion Project


    - Suncor Energy’s Plan for Managing Tailings Pond Approved

    - Insolvent Oilsands Project May be Transferred to the Alberta Orphan Well Association

    - Bulletin 2017-18: Pipeline Amendment Applications Moving to OneStop

    - Fatality at Suncor Millennium Mine

    - Sherritt International Corporation Fined More Than $1 Million for Coal Mine Spills in 2011 and 2012


    - Husky Energy Receives Permission to Restart Pipeline

  • September-2017


    - TransCanada Corporation Obtains 30-day Suspension of Energy East Pipeline and Eastern Mainline Project Applications

    - Concerns Raised About the Protection of Species at Risk

    British Columbia

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission Peace River Section 10 Water Withdrawal Suspension

    - BC Government to Adopt United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)


    - Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Strategic Direction 2018-2021

    - AER Water Licence Requirements Update

    - AER Investigation into Bird Deaths

  • August-2017


    - Supreme Court of Canada on Aboriginal Consultation

    British Columbia

    - Changes in Application Management System (AMS) Spatial Data Requirements for Pipeline Installation

    - BC Government Versus the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion


    - Inter Pipeline Ltd. Regulatory Appeal

    - Syncrude Canada Ltd. Charged for Death of Blue Herons

    - Second 2017/2018 Orphan Fund Levy

    - Debtor Registry Publicized

  • July-2017


    - The Government of Canada – Environmental and Regulatory Reviews: Discussion Paper

    British Columbia

    - Complete Applications Required

    - Area-Based Analysis Updates and New Environmental Planning Procedures

    - Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project Not Proceeding


    - Nexen Charged For Pipeline Spill

    - Alberta Energy Regulator Appeals Redwater Decision to Supreme Court of Canada

    - When is a Water Act Approval Required for a Fresh Water Reservoir?

  • June-2017


    - Obed Mountain Mine Fined Almost $4.5 Million for 2013 Spill

    - Export Licence Approval

    British Columbia

    - Riparian Area Assessment Professional Guidelines

    - Amendments to the Drilling and Production Regulation


    - Alberta Energy Regulator Releases Industry Water Use Report

    - Alberta Dam Safety Update


    - Better Pipeline Regulations

  • May-2017


    - National Energy Board (NEB) Contemplating Review of Upstream and Downstream Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Pipeline Projects

    - NEB Modernization Expert Panel Delivers Report

    British Columbia

    - BC Election and Implication for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline


    - New Public Lands Disposition Application Requirements

    - Venting Compliance Program

    - Update - Inactive and Orphan Oil and Gas Assets


    - Saskatchewan Clashes with the Federal Government Over Carbon Tax

    - Carbon Capture Decision Deferral

  • April-2017


    - Review of Federal Assessment Processes

    British Columbia

    - Treatment and Release of Produced Water to the Environment

    - BC OGC Issues Approval for Fort Nelson LNG Plant


    - Pipeline Licensee Safety and Loss Management Systems

    - Alberta Court of Appeal Decides in Favour of Redwater Energy Creditors

    - Oil and Produced Water Spills

    - Update to the Professional Standard for Wetlands

  • March-2017


    - U.S. Energy Action

    British Columbia

    - List of Identified Weeds and Invasive Plants in North East BC

    - Updates to BC OGC Application Management System (AMS) and AMS Payment


    - Update to Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities for Peatland

    - Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Enforcement Actions

    - Husky Pipeline Leak in Kanaskis Country


    - Saskatchewan Government Actions Following 2016 Pipeline Leak

  • February-2017


    - Enbridge Pipeline Spill

    British Columbia

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Groundwater Retrieval Assistant

    - BC OGC New Submission Process for Changes In and About a Stream


    - Orphan Well Fund / Reclamation in Alberta

    - Lexin Resources Ltd. AER Shutdown


    - Clearwater River Dene Nation Fined in Accordance with an Environmental Protection Order

  • January-2017


    - Trump Gives OK to Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines

    - Supreme Court – Ernst v. Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)

    British Columbia

    - BC Government Grants Environmental Assessment Approval for Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project

    - Updates to the BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) Oil and Gas Application Manual (Application Manual) – Fresh Water Storage Sites and Water Source Dugouts


    - The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) Fines Oil Sands Operator Following Tank Collapse


    - 200,000 Litres of Oil From Pipeline Spills Near Stoughton, Saskatchewan Onto First Nations Land

  • December-2016


    - Federal Government Announces ‘pan-Canadian Framework’ on Climate

    - Migratory Species, Migration, and Movement

    British Columbia

    - Revised Area-based Analysis (ABA) status for 2016 and Regulatory Policy Requirements


    - Fracture Fluid Composition Data Verification for the Modernized Royalty Framework

    - Alberta Government Announces Approvals for the Petrochemicals Diversification Program


    - Saskatchewan Freeze-up Conditions

  • November-2016


    - Major Announcements – Coastal Protection Plan, Three Pipeline Decisions, and a Tanker Ban

    - CaNickel Mining Limited Convicted under the Fisheries Act

    British Columbia

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) – Update to the Northeast Water Tool (NEWT)

    BC Safety Standards Amendment Act


    - Release of Study into Seismic Events near Fox Creek

    - Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) Adoption of Canadian Council of Ministers for the Environment (CCME) Guidance Manual for Soil and Groundwater Assessment


    - Investigation Released for Husky Energy Inc. (Husky) Pipeline Leak

  • October-2016


    - Federal Government Announces Carbon Plan

    British Columbia

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) – Change of Suspension Requirements for Inactive Wells

    - BC OGC – Pipeline Safety and Security Advisory


    - Changes to Industrial Activity Within Caribou Zones

    - Oil Spills and Penalties

  • September-2016


    - Federal Government Approves Pacific NorthWest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project

    - National Energy Board Adjourns Energy East Pipeline Review Process

    - Whirling Disease Detected In Banff National Park

    British Columbia

    - Reminder to Send Post Construction Plans and Short Term Water Use Volumes Via eSubmission


    - Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Comments on a Pilot Program for Oil Sands Projects

    - AER – Application Requirements for Activities Within the Boundary of a Regional Plan


    - Wind Power Proposal Rejected

  • August-2016


    - NEB Panel Sessions Underway

    British Columbia

    - British Columbia – Professional Practice Guidelines for Site Characterization for Dam Foundations in BC

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission – Industry Bulletin 2016-25

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission – Industry Bulletin 2016-26

    - BC Forest Practices Board – Fire Hazard Assessment Bulletin


    - Alberta Energy Regulator - Operational Advisory: Leak Detection

    - AER – Directive 50

    - AER Issues Administrative Penalty for Runoff Pond Construction

    - AER – Air Monitoring Directive Updates


    - Husky Energy – Saskatchewan Pipeline Incident

  • July-2016


    - North American Leaders’ Summit

    - Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Approval Quashed

    British Columbia

    - Kitimat Liquified Natural Gas Venture

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission – Application Management System Update


    - Nexen Energy Explosion and Pipeline Release

    - Play-Based Regulation Review

    - Alberta Wetland Policy

    - Benga Mining Environmental Impact Assessment

    - Directive 085: Fluid Tailings Management for Oil Sands Mining Projects

  • June-2016

    British Columbia

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission – Application Management System Update

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission – Annual Report on Water Management

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission – Ground Motion Monitoring Requirements


    - Alberta Energy Regulator – Redwater Energy Insolvency and Liability

    - Alberta Environment and Parks – Draft Little Smoky and A La Peche Caribou Range Pl

    - AER – Removal of Voluntary Self -Disclosure

    - AER – Reclamation Certificate Applications

    - AEP - Requirements for Conservation and Reclamation Plans for Peat Operations in Alberta

    - AEP – DRAFT Alberta Risk Management Plan Guide

  • May-2016


    - Canada Signs the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

    - NEB Recommends Approval for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

    British Columbia

    - BC Ministry of Environment - Spill Response Regime

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission - Early Water Supply Warnings

    - BC Auditor General - Mining Sector Compliance and Enforcement


    - Produced Water & Hydraulic Fracture Flowback Storage Pond Approved

    - AER Releases the Subsoil Salinity Tool Assessment Checklist

    - Red Deer Air Zone Fine Particulate Matter - Government of Alberta Action Plan

  • April-2016


    - Supreme Court Ruling – Consultation rights confirmed for Mêtis and ‘non-status Indians’

    British Columbia

    - BC Oil and Gas Commission – Business Transition Strategy


    - AER - Alignment of Reclamation Application Process with Responsible Energy Development Act Statement of Concern Requirements

    - AER - Updates for Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations

    - Draft Directive for the Assessment of Thermally-Mobilized Constituents in Groundwater for Thermal In Situ Operations

    - Draft Directive for the Assessment of Non-Saline Groundwater in Direct Contact with Bitumen for Thermal In Situ Operations

    - Potential Alberta Temporary Diversion Licence (TDL) Constraints

    - InSolutions Greenhouse Gas Bulletin

  • March-2016

    Alberta Environment and Parks

    -Alberta Tier 1 and Tier 2 Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines

    - Environmental Site Assessment Standard

    Alberta Energy Regulator

    - Direction for Conservation and Reclamation Submissions

    - First 2016/2017 Orphan Fund Levy

    BC Oil and Gas Commission

    - Water Sustainability Act

    - Technical Guidance for Determining the Base of Usable Groundwater

    Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change

    - Woodfibre LNG Project Approval

    - Pacific Northwest LNG Project Assessment Delay

  • February-2016

    - Orphan Wells (BC, AB, SASK)

    - AER Releases Integrated Compliance Assurance Framework

    - Alberta Climate News - 100 MT Cap; Existing/Approved Exceed

    - BC Oil & Gas Commission

    - Carbon Tax/Royalty Review

    - Funding for Solar Panel Installation

  • January-2016

    - Directive 055 Alternative Storage

    - Fox Creek Seismic Event - Repsol

    - Oil Sands Plant Explosion

    - Pengrowth Spill

    - Water Sustainability Act

    - Doig River First Nations Liaison Program

    - 2014 Hydrocarbon and By-Product Reserves Report

    - Legislative Changes Regarding Authority to Occupy Crown Land

    - Clarification on Permit Expirations Under OGAA

    - Enbridge Pipeline NEB/OGC Notifications

  • December-2015


    - Review of Federal Assessment Processes

    British Columbia

    -Treatment and Release of Produced Water to the Environment

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