Technology Based Workflows

Drones, Real-time Kinetic (RTK), and 3D Scanning are all invaluable tools to any project, but they are just that, tools.
Do not let your tools become a bolt-on – Maximize their potential.

We are systems integrators, and we approach technology differently. Rather than seeing technology as an afterthought during a project, we make it a fundamental piece of how we carry out our work. Using the best tools that integrate and automate workflows for each job, we increase efficiency and improve cost certainty by:

  • De-risking your project: we frame all your data so that every team member and contractor has the same information and context when initiating a new project
  • Keeping budgets lean: we identify potential site, design, and/or implementation challenges with minimal onsite staff
  • Managing activities in real-time: we conduct real-time construction management that enables us to identify errors before they become costly
  • Leveraging industry-leading expertise and technology partnerships: we work with over 20+ technology vendors and partners to ensure that you are using the best technology that meets your specific needs

Partners in your project’s success

We know that all clients and partners have their specific strengths and needs. We work with you not only to equip your team with the right measurement tools and technology for each job but to ensure that your team can capitalize on the technologies’ full potential. In some cases, that may mean a one-off project-specific solution, and in other cases, that may mean equipment procurement, training, and/or data processing.

Data intelligence is a powerful decision-making asset

In many instances, data that is gathered at a project site can be leveraged and used across the whole organization to make quicker and smarter business decisions. Have you capitalized on your data’s potential yet?

Contact us to help you take your measurement needs to the next level.

Project delivery and real-time collaboration

We are dedicated system integrators. We build and work with the most valuable tools in the geospatial industry. Our unique skill sets allow us to find the right tools for you and your business. We want to work with you to make your digital twin possible and to make spatial data a viable toolset to improve turnarounds and deliver cost certainty on your project. We offer data processing and hosting services to make using digital data viable, and we can show you how to integrate the data effectively into your existing workflows.

Over the last 15 years, drone and scanning data have become invaluable tools to collect large amounts of project data. We work with industry leaders to automate drone and scan data processing and provide true value on the information collected.

  • Utilizing cloud-based processing to turn imagery into information in real-time
  • Verify project sites daily, fit to design, daily productions, site condition
  • Integration with machine control and design files
  • Visualize site conditions, verify fabricated components, determine tie in’s, perform clash detection, cloud-based collaboration
  • See your project site in 3D with no travel and effectively engage with field operations
  • Integrate digital data with sensor telemetry and file management

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