Get the most from your data

We help our clients turn data into insight and insight into action. We start by understanding what data matters most to you, and then we help you leverage it to achieve the greatest economic value for your business.

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With extensive data management and geographic information system (GIS) expertise, we use a variety of data analysis approaches, from traditional pure data analysis to spatial. In our experience, applying several methods can often provide the greatest value to our clients.

Analyzing different data types together can also provide extra insight into areas of interest that haven’t been explored before.

Some of our data analysis methods include:

  • Presenting statistical analysis results within a traditional tabular format, along with an interactive graphing interface that enables users to compare other data to the statistical results
  • Enabling clients to select and run statistical analysis based on spatial or temporal extents on an interactive map
  • Providing direct access to source data and analytical results with spatial references to explore results and determine potential cause-and-effect patterns not previously identified

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