Holistic water services and support

Our team of biologists, environmental scientists, hydrologists, and hydrogeologists provide comprehensive solutions that address the full scope of municipal, industrial, and commercial water use, from resource assessment and management to environmental monitoring and data collection.

Hydrology and Hydrotechnical Evaluations

Our hydrology specialists and hydrotechnical engineers can help you deal with the complex interface between rivers and infrastructure, including: stormwater management, flood modelling, water intake design and channel restoration. Our specialists use mapping and data applications to gather and analyze information about streamflow, water quality and discharge to help clients better understand the water resources located at their project sites.

We provide solutions for a variety of multidisciplinary hydrology and hydrotechnical engineering  including:

  • Hydrometric monitoring
  • Optimizing water supplies
  • Preparation and ongoing support for temporary diversion licenses and long-term applications
  • Support for applications under the Water Act, Navigable Water Protection Act, Environmental Protection Act and Enhancement Act, and Fisheries Act
  • Analysis of instream flow needs and environmental protection limits
  • Water intake site selection and evaluation
  • Stormwater management plans and drainage features design including ponds, culverts and ditches
  • Watercourse crossing design and impact assessment
  • River surveying with 3D aerial mapping and bathymetry to support hydraulic modelling and design
  • Flood modelling, mapping and risk mitigation
  • Natural channel design and watercourse restoration
  • Geomorphic assessment
  • Surface water/groundwater interactions

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