Holistic water services and support

Our team of biologists, environmental scientists, hydrologists, and hydrogeologists provide comprehensive solutions that address the full scope of municipal, industrial, and commercial water use, from resource assessment and management to environmental monitoring and data collection.

Water Resource Assessment and Management

Our water management specialists help clients to assess, develop and manage their water resources and mitigate risk. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Water management planning and risk mitigation
  • Corporate and asset-level water strategy development
  • Hydrologic impact prediction and analysis
  • Water supply and storage optimization

Our hydrogeology specialists help our clients develop sustainable water supply and disposal solutions for their oil and gas, mining, industrial, or public sector projects. Our geochemistry specialists use physical, chemical, stable isotope, and hydrometric data to identify sources and processes that influence the lifecycle of water. They also use aqueous geochemical mixing models to predict potential chemical reactions.  Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Groundwater and surface water supply identification and evaluation (freshwater, saline and tertiary)
  • Groundwater assessments and modelling
  • Design services for groundwater well networks and river bank intakes
  • Short- and long-term license applications
  • Management and mitigation of water withdrawals
  • Water balance modelling and analysis
  • Cumulative effects analysis for long-term sustainability
  • Deep aquifer supply and disposal
  • Geochemical and isotopic studies, including modelling and aqueous mixing models

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