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Wetland Restoration & Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems (CWTS)

Building A Positive ESG Narrative

With wetland restoration and Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems (CWTS) projects, there are clear opportunities to offset greenhouse gases, improve biodiversity, utilize biological processes to clean wastewater, and/or protect against floods and drought

With so many net positives, many businesses are turning to wetlands to complement their ESG narrative. Through the successful application of wetland construction and monitoring programs, we can help you reduce treatment costs and assess carbon credit generation to support your final investment decision.

Wetland Utility & Usecases

Regardless of your wetland utility objectives, wetland function is complex. To smooth the regulatory process, you need access to a multidisciplinary team of experts that can help you achieve the positive trajectory of a healthy, functional wetland.

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Constructed wetlands facilitate both active temporary storage of stormwater and can assist with the passive treatment of wastewater.

Implementation of passive treatment infrastructure reduces active treatment intensity, thereby lowering the total lifecycle cost of water treatment systems. Applications range from mining to pulp and paper to domestic wastewater management.

Wetlands can help contribute to negative emissions. Through the restoration or construction of productive marsh wetlands, they produce large net carbon sinks that can be counted toward carbon offsetting.

Restoration involves the re-establishment of natural hydrology, vegetation, and wetland processes within a previously drained wetland. Our monitoring programs are designed to assess progress toward a healthy environment and help your wetlands reach their full carbon capture potential.

  • Wetland boundary desktop and ground-truthing
  • Vegetation and wildlife assessments
  • Catchment area delineation
  • Water quality monitoring program (WQMP)
  • Aqueous chemistry
  • Land development applications & permitting
  • Hydrometric monitoring & impact assessments
  • Flow and flood forecasting
  • Regulatory licensing and grant applications
  • Stormwater management plans
  • Flood modelling, mapping, and risk mitigation
  • Field investigation programs
  • Watercourse crossing design and impact assessment
  • Natural channel design and watercourse restoration
  • Geomorphic assessment
  • Wetland monitoring
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Future-Proof Your Operations

Strategic water management is a project necessity and requires a holistic view of future conditions to address infrastructure liability throughout the project life cycle.

Working with our multi-disciplinary experts, you will benefit from an augmented suite of planning resources and regulatory assistance to assess water security, plan for water reliability, adapt to climate variability, and ultimately, right-size your infrastructure.  

  • Water security assessments
  • Strategic water planning
  • ESG consulting & reporting
  • Project estimating
  • Regulatory applications
  • Permitting & licensing
  • Regulatory engagement
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Compliance reporting

Operation, Maintenance & Compliance Management

Water conditions are highly temperamental and require constant monitoring to optimize production and maintain regulatory compliance.

To provide you with the information you need, we work with you to create a mesh of in-field assessments, IoT-enabled devices, and data management tools to provide real-time visualization of environmental conditions and your operations.

We are also pleased to announce an Automated Regulatory Reporting service for water usage in some jurisdictions. See our Regulatory Inspections and Monitoring page and reach out to our regulatory services team for more.

  • Field Tracer Remote monitoring hardware and software applications.
  • GeoCATA data mapping
  • Remote monitoring program software
  • Remote monitoring hardware
  • Technology-enabled workflows
  • Personnel training
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) software
  • Traditional & spatial data analysis
  • Web-based solutions
  • Real-time data access
  • Strategic action planning

ESG Support Services

Now more than ever, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities must be considered at an early stage in project development. Several jurisdictions have already mandated climate disclosure, and it is anticipated to come into effect in Canada and the United States as early as 2023.

There also continues to be momentum in standardized global sustainability reporting that will have an impact on all industries. We are proactively monitoring the regulatory and reporting landscape so that your company provides ESG reporting that is comprehensive and accurate while ensuring it meets the most current regulations and standards. 

  • ESG materiality assessments & benchmarking
  • Climate change consulting
  • ESG reporting & compliance
  • Insurance, financing, and carbon credits
  • Social inclusivity studies
  • Opportunities in the energy transition
  • Corporate governance advisory
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Wetland Restoration & Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems (CWTS)

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