Download our Integrated Sustainability white paper on decoding flowback and produced water management.

For some oil and gas operators, especially those in the unconventional sector, sourcing, transporting, and disposing of water is an economic and logistical challenge. Reusing water can alleviate some of these economic and logistical challenges under certain circumstances, and can create a positive impact on the environment and social licence to operate.

In order to effectively reuse water, operators will require reliable, safe, and economical storage and treatment options.

This paper is the first of a series that describes the framework for the reuse of produced water and fracture flowback fluid in the hydraulic fracturing industry in Alberta. It highlights the current water use and challenges in the industry, storage options for reuse water, government policy and regulatory approvals, and next steps for the reuse of water are discussed herein.

Author: Jennifer Keturakis, P.Eng.
VP, Environmental Sciences & Regulatory